Seamless-Flow – Godiva – Year Of The Dog

Hi folks and let us wish you a happy new year! We hope your celebrations went smooth and that they infused you with enough positivity to make you face the new batch of 365 days,


within which you have to meet your goals or delay them to the next one! While we don’t exactly know what you all did during the last day of the old year, someone located somewhere has spent a memorable night and has been injected with more than just optimism! Let us introduce you to doll-faced, apple-bottomed, twisted-minded dojin-reader Godiva!


A new entry to match the fresh air that every new beginning brings with it! Godiva has sent us this movie a few days ago after having chatted back and forth for a while.


The video depicts her new year’s eve date with a playful and energic white shepherd at a friend’s place! It may be her first time in here, but Godiva knows a thing or two about petlove, her playful attitude is also what has definitely struck us the most!


There is plenty of room being given to tenderness in this movie, Godiva makes her date at ease with her gentle manners,


smiley attitude and sugarcoated naughtiness The furry hero may not be very apt at knotting, but the sucking segments are really something that are going to lovestruck you!


The movie you are about to see is truly one of those that sticks with you even after having turned your computer down, a clever mixture of valuable elements that will pinch your deepest chords



Scene: Year Of The Dog
Studio: Seamless-Flow
Pet Model: Godiva
Size: 446 MB
Duration: 00:26:53
Resolution: 1280×720

Seamless-Flow – Young Girls Fuck With Pets!

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