Seamless-Flow – Lise – Dark Cravings

The time has finally come. Now that things in my life have started to slowly settle back into place, I am able to keep an eye on the site for longer than what these last hectic days have allowed me to.


The new year has come and this site was yet to start its engine, and what’s better than this blazing hot footage signed by Lise to get it going?


The deep-blue eyed star has hopped into our den after learning of it through her longtime-friend Vixen (whom we thank for making us able to reach for her). In this flick, Lise, in a premiere gothic attire, has some 1:1 time with Vix’s dog Rocky,


who is allured by the girl’s shapes barely covered by her adherent outfit. Lise playfully teases him around until it’s serious-business time and Rocky takes the lead sending shivers of forbidden lust through her harmonious back until they are bound together by his swollen knot.


As soon as it escapes the lovely clutch of her womb, though, Lise gets back to running the game and embraces his steamy dog-hood with her sensual lips, letting go of it only to playfully catch the spurts of doggy nectar that fly across the air



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Scene: Dark Cravings
Studio: Seamless-Flow
Pet Model: Lise
Size: 238 MB
Duration: 00:13:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Seamless-Flow – Young Girls Fuck With Pets!

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