Donna – Dog on Rails

Donna - Dog on Rails


Our Dog on Demand app hit its first hiccup. With orders flying in left and right from horny Ladies looking for hot doggy dates, TheSenor had to put the pedal to the metal to get to the next customer in good time. Wouldn’t you know it – speed trap. Of all the things we could get into trouble for, speeding. God damn it.

Donna - Dog on Rails

Luckily we are lucky. The cop on traffic duty today is no other than Officer Donna. We had a run-in with this Officer when she was fresh out of Police Academy. Officer Donna is not happy about TheSenor’s blatant disregard for the speed limit – but with that cute little cop pussy reporting for duty, and spying Simba in the back seat – she is sure they can come to some arrangement.

Donna - Dog on Rails

Placing TheSenor under arrest, Officer Donna knows a quiet, picturesque place nearby where they can get some privacy. She pops a police hat on Simba – you know, in case anyone happens to be passing by. We wouldn’t want the straights getting confused.

We’ve all heard of the good-cop-bad-cop method – the dog-cop-dogged-cop method seems to be a new and exciting addition to law enforcement training, great to see the police getting with the times. Taking the ‘protect and serve’ motto to heart, Simba serves Officer Donna up a hard helping of hot dog boner where it counts.

Donna - Dog on Rails

I love how used to dogs Donna’s vagina is by now, so very comfortable with that big red dog dick flying in and out. That’s a real Pet Pussy right there, soft and wet, and getting Simba off like a charm.

Simba is clearly very fond of that pussy – rewarding her with heavy spurts of dog juice, and a fat knot. Look at that knot, and tell me that pussy wasn’t made for dog sex, I dare ya. In an odd world, 1 thing we can be absolutely sure about, is yoinks can Donna knot. Fuck me can she. If that perfect fit doesn’t get your pulse racing, you might want to get checked by a professional as you may be dead. Yes, dog fucking comes so very naturally to this Lady – an aspect of a Lady I believe we can all admire.

Donna - Dog on Rails

Yes, you need to bring your A-Game when there’s a speeding ticket on the line – you never know when you’ll need to fuck your way out of a tight situation.

After the ‘assault with a doggy weapon’, with a womb overflowing with dog cum, Officer Donna turns her attention to that swollen red slab of dog meat. Simba gets treated to a long and creamy blowjob. A good long suck session for suck fans – Donna running her tongue and lips over that fat shaft, and blowing that cock so nicely, I reckon the Officer deserves a promotion.

One satisfied Officer later, the speeding ticket is torn up, and TheSenor and Simba are free to go on their way. At a more appropriate speed, of course, we wouldn’t want to be breaking any rules.

Donna - Dog on Rails

I have a list of possible movie titles I’ve been compiling for years, adding to it any time something comes to mind. The Dog on Rails title has been on that list for a long time, seldom does a movie come along that fits a title so perfectly. And seldom do we get busted by an Officer who can fuck a dog so perfectly. Clear evidence that there is more than 1 way to fuck the police – no reason to be uncivilized. Enjoy our little brush with the authorities, with the Dog on Rails

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