Good Girl! – Fantazi – Santa Baby. I’ve been an awful Good Girl



As we know Gang, Christmas is a Pagan Tradition stolen by the Church, and kinda stolen back again. It’s that end of year feast where you say, fuck me, made it 1 more year. It might be colder, sometimes not (Go Gov!). But the ending of a year, and being alive to look at some of this stuff, is probably worth celebrating. So funk it. Santa and Krampus it is. Fairy lights, tinsel, happiness and basically having a good time. So let’s go.


This year, Santa’s Little Helper is not the dog on The Simpsons – though one look at this Lady I expect he wishes he were there. No this year, Santa’s Little Helper is a very naughty, very sparkly, very bubbly and intoxicating, very tasty young Elf, of the female variety. And when you’ve been a VERY good Girl, working your fingers to the bone day in day out all year long to put presents in front of spoiled horrible little earthlings, your 1 day off per year is of course, Christmas. So, clocking out on Christmas Eve once Santa has set off – what will you do?.


You might pop into town – secretly of course you’re a fucking Elf – see what the earthlings are doing. You might have a look around their shops, enjoy some of their festivities. It’s all very spangly. Kinda makes you want to get naughty. And fuck it, being an Elf, you can become invisible anyway. So, who’s to know?


Who should you run into, but Senor Dachat. What a stroke of luck for us. “What do you do, young Elf? Toys, you say? Well, I have a nice toy right here. Do you make these in your factory?” “Not like that! It looks fun, can I play?”. “Depends, have you been a Good Girl? Yes? Okay then.”, and off they adjourn to the nearest changing room.


“This is fun!”, cries the little Elf. I wish Santa made fun toys like this.”. Well, we have a special Santa, just for young Elves who are good at being naughty. “We don’t usually get to meet Management” squealed the Elf with delight. So off to meet Secret Santa, they go. Petlove Santa, asks our Elf what She would like for Christmas? “Santa Baby. stick something furry, under the tree for me?” Petlove Santa always delivers – and grants our delicious young Elf Her Christmas wish; a big, horny doggy, naturally


Christmas morning arrives, and an excited young Elf dashes down to see if her wish has come true. Sure enough – a fine furry lover, ready to fill Her with Christmas spirit. “Wow – this is really going to happen! I hope this doggy has enough love to douse the K9 ache I’m feeling in my tight little Elf Flower.”. Apollo does not hesitate to woo our Heroine. Kissing Her deeply, to get Her warmed up. Then, in a flash, he unwraps her special gift.


Our Hero is keeeeen to show the Elf what he can do with a vagina. She takes the doggylove, deep and hard. “Uh. it’s the first time I’M the Christmas Gift.” thinks the little Elf, as that knot swells up tight inside Her – taking her to places She has never been before. “Oh my.” says the Elf, “I’ve stuffed a lot of presents into wrapping – but it’s the first time I’M the wrapping!”. That dreamy, faraway look in Her eye as doggy owns Her and pumps his festive cream into her sex, tells it all. It pays, to be a Good Girl, sometimes


With an Elf pussy dripping with dog love, Rover withdraws but is still rocking. “It’s so red and shiny – looks like a candy cane! Let me taste.”, and the little Elf takes that fat dog cock between her sensuous lips, and returns some of the pleasure he’s given her this Christmas morning.


But a day off comes but once a year, for Santas Elves. The clock is ticking, and our Hero points out that – unlike Christmas, HE can come more than once. Especially when the Pet Pussy is so delightful. So, back into position our little Elf goes. And, once again, our Hero hammers a knot into the Lady, that She will not forget quickly. Oliver Twist said “Please Sir, can I have some more?” – our Little Elf doesn’t need to ask. Second helpings coming right up.


“My – what a BIG cock you have!” says our Elf, holding the erect mojo in her hand. “So juicy, so creamy – let me taste.”. It’s Fantazis first doggy time, so nectar-drinking is a big step. But, it IS Christmas. She is, only 95% full of dog cum – and our Hero is still squirting. Tentatively, She coaxes that juice into her mouth – showing us what She’s got – then feeling that pure doggy juice slipping down her throat into her tummy. “Oo, tasty! Please doggy, may I have some more?” “Of course, young Elf” rrrars the doggy – “.drink my juice, ’til your heart is content.”. So, She does. Our young Elf, filled to overflowing with sweet doggy cream. Truly a Christmas to remember.



The Lady splashes some of that doggy juice over her boobs and feet – coz She knows some of you Pet Folks like boobs, and feet Plus, who said a Lady could only wear dog cum on the inside?

Ok, so maybe I drifted a touch away from the plot of the movie – but hey, more or less – and, artistic license and all


A great, action packed movie from Dachat and Crew – Fantazi, Apollo and of course, Secret Santa. Petlove production with balls, as they take that Doggy Show on the road. And, sweet knots that you won’t find in any Christmas ribbon. Fantastic work, please keep that up



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