Ramona – Dog & Crossbone

…ye doglubbers, pirate booty ahead. We’re surrounded by pirates generally, about time we made a movie with one. Naughty-but-lovely pirate Ramona is cruising for a using, and has her eye on performing with Salty sea dog Simba.

Ramona - Dog & Crossbone

Buccaneer Ramona is a good looking Pet Lady – slim, sexy, dirty blonde hair – pointy red nails to match that pointy red cock, ready to shiver Simba’s timbers.

Ramona squats and takes a little Ladypiss, to get Simba in the mood for that pussy. Dogs communicate with scent, write with pee. We will never know what Simba reads in Ramona’s puddle, but whatever she’s written, Simba approves.

Ramona - Dog & Crossbone

Simba is horny, and not going easy on Ramona today. This Lady seems like a delicate flower, unaccustomed to ruff treatment from a horny dog keen on her vagina. At first glance, dog fucking does not seem to be an obvious choice, for this Lady. That smooth sexy slit seems almost untrodden.

Not an easy coupling, the Lady is having a hard time dealing with Simba’s enthusiastic thrusts. Our Hero is taking no prisoners though, and makes absolutely sure he adds this Lady to his scorecard. He makes her his, on a hillside overlooking the bay, in the light of the setting sun. Perfect postcard moment.

Ramona - Dog & Crossbone

Ramona is a bit perplexed about the whole sucking dog cock thing. Big and red, and shooting dog cum all over – it’s just not what the Lady is used to. Still, Ramona sticks with it, and eventually feels comfortable wrapping those soft lips around Simba’s throbbing crimson cutlass.

Ramona - Dog & Crossbone

The Lady is not as relaxed about her dog love as her Portuguese pet sisters, Donna, River etc. She is having a very hard time in places. Still, the Lady persists, as does her partner, and sure enough they manage to get the job done. Simba does not quite manage to land a firm tie with Ramona, he keeps pulling out. But all that creamy dog jizz dripping out of the Lady shows that Simba is more than satisfied with Ramona’s performance.

Ramona - Dog & Crossbone

Generally, our Producers shoot several sessions over several days, to get the action that you all enjoy. A Lady is usually more relaxed after the first experience. Unfortunately, after her first dog experience, Ramona went AWOL and did not return for the next shoots. As such, this movie is a bit lighter on hard action than we would usually prefer. Still – if you enjoy svelte, perky cute blonde Ladies doing their very best to put out for pets, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Not every Lady will jump into dog sex with both feet immediately. Even if those hard dog-cock jabs were a bit too animalistic for Ramona, Simba still dumped a load of dog cum into her pussy, and that’s never a bad thing. We’ve adjusted the movie price accordingly.

Ramona - Dog & Crossbone

More daring outdoors dog sex fun by The Senor, fresh air, and great views all round. What better view could there be than a sexy Lady getting it on with a dog? Head on over, buy the movie, and view for yourself

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Duration: 00:21:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

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